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"Success is not an accident. It's the result of passion, hard work, perseverance, learning, growing, sacrifice and who you surround yourself with."

Berry Jane™ was created in 2009 and launched in 2010 by Ava Carmichael, a fashion designer and marketing agency owner.

Our Story

Founded in 2010, Berry Jane has grown into a lifestyle brand that allows women to get out and get moving; in the water, on the boat, on the mountain or on a board, without worrying about the details of her swimsuit. It's about feeling confident doing what you love.

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Our Mission

Find Your Happy Place. (We'll meet you there)

Our huge swimwear assortment and pretty prints reflect Berry Jane's commitment to providing swimsuits for everyone. We want to transform the way women feel about having to wear a revealing bathing suit in public. Our aim is to encourage everyone to participate in water sports, pool, and beach activities - on their own swimwear terms!

Berry Jane intends to provide every woman the opportunity to "find her happy place" and feel wonderful enjoying the fun of being active. 

Sustainable Manufacturing

We use recycled fabrics and eco-friendly fabrics whenever possible. Recycled fabrics offset the need for new petroleum, reducing our carbon footprint.

Target: Zero Waste

Our apparel items are made when our customers order - which means no mass or over production, no overstock to end up in landfills. No water waste - our fabric printing process uses almost zero water!

Made in America

Since the beginning, Berry Jane has been made in America and the United States. We aim to continue supporting local manufacturing in America and supporting fair wages and safe working conditions.

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