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Standup Paddle Boarding  Tips for Fall

Standup Paddle Boarding Tips for Fall

The  fall is a beautiful time; Festivals, pumpkin spice everything, fall foliage, cooler weather and yes, paddle boarding! Many avid paddleboarders across the country are getting into the fun (and highly photographed) paddling witches activities.

Paddle boarding seems like it's only a summer activity, but it can be just as fun in the fall as in the summer!  The most important thing is to prepare and dress for the weather.  Here are our tips for making paddle boarding in the fall just as enjoyable as it is in the summer. The fall foliage that surrounds most lakes and rivers adds a calm energy and beauty that's different from the summer. The air is crisp but not yet bitterly cold, and  the water is cooler.

It takes a little more patience and mindfulness to paddle in the fall, but if you're a seasoned paddle boarder, you should be OK. For a fall SUP outing, you should dress in layers because you will typically start your paddle in a cool environment before warming up as you work your muscles.  Wear long sleeves and full length swim leggings to keep warm. Avoid heavy weight clothing that could get even heavier if it gets wet, and always wear a PFD.

Even if you don't intend to swim, it's wise to dress for the temperature of the water. It's also advised to wear clothing that dries quickly in case you end up in the water. Prior to heading out, be sure to check the weather because fall weather in many parts of the country can be unpredictable.

In many areas, the fall season also brings higher winds. While you're on your SUP,  paddle against the wind so that the wind will be at your back when you return to your starting location. It's a good idea to bring or wear a lightweight windbreaker, too.

Fall SUP is as safe as it is in the spring and summer. With any season, dress for the weather and use a leash. A a leash will prevent your SUP from floating away from you should you accidentally fall off. Paddling alone in the fall or winter is not advised, but if you do, make sure your phone is protected with a waterproof case that floats.

Pack a dry bag with dry clothing inside, also. Don't let the change in the weather prevent you from participating in your favorite activity. There are so many advantages to fall: fewer people, fewer insects, stunning scenery, less boat wakes.

Check out our paddle friendly swimwear and long sleeve paddleboard shirts so you can get in the water year round!

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