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What Know Before You Begin Paddleboarding

What Know Before You Begin Paddleboarding

You're ready to go paddleboarding for the first time!  Before you head off for your first paddle boarding adventure, however, check that you are properly prepared and have everything you need.

First and foremost, work with an instructor. When you've managed to nail down the basics, practice balancing, falling off and getting back on to your paddle board and paddling in a straight line before you head off anywhere alone.

Here are a few tips to consider for paddleboard newbies

1. Make sure the paddle is long enough. If it’s not long enough for your height, you will have difficulty staying balanced and maneuvering.

2. For inflatable SUPs, make sure your board is inflated enough for your weight.  Watch your weight limits, inflation levels, and paddle height ratio.

3. Understand water conditions before you take a paddle board out on the lake or sea. This can refer to inclement weather as well as tides, currents, or fog. While you’re out paddling, keep an eye on the conditions and if you think they are likely to change for the worse, don’t venture too far from the shore. New stand up paddle boarders should stick to low-wind days. As a beginner to paddle boarding, it’s very important to know your limits. 

4. Have the right gear. You'll need more than just your paddleboard, you also need accessories such as a life vest, a waterproof bag to carry small items, a paddle holder, a carry strap and a whistle. If you get too far out or need help, a whistle will help get the attention of lifeguards or friends.

5. Wear the right clothing -If you anticipate getting wet (which, you probably will if you're a beginner) it's best to wear a swimsuit, a wetsuit and an UPF 50+ rashguard if you want to avoid getting sunburned (or protect against jellyfish stings).

Want to know more? Watch this video!

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